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US Virgin Islands, St Thomas

posted Sep 10, 2012, 10:39 AM by Beatriz Posada
    I visited St. Thomas back in April when the cruise I was in stopped in Charlotte Amalie Port. This is the capital of St. Thomas which is part of the group of Caribbean islands belonging to the US. It has been a major tourist attraction in the Caribbean for a long time, and many cruises choose the port to make a stop when cruising around. Since it is still the US, the currency is the US dollar, and everyone speaks English. It is very convenient, and although it is American by definition, there is nothing American about the island. It has managed to stay true to its Caribbean roots, and the town is filled with color, and so are the beaches, beautiful places. There are many beaches around the island, but the one I chose to visit was called "Emerald Beach". The name is true to itself, since the water has a green shade to it, and it was a really nice place to relax and enjoy myself. After the beach, I decided to go walk around the town, and came across many friendly people around the market area. It is a great place to visit.

Emerald Beach

Wildlife around the area

Landscape around the beach

Beach guy

Interesting shells

Coconut Joe, he sold coconuts on the street

Beach landscape

Maria enjoying the beach