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USA, Austin TX

posted May 11, 2012, 10:11 AM by Beatriz Posada   [ updated Nov 21, 2012, 11:56 PM ]
    I've lived in Austin for 3 years now, and I love this city. It is one of my favorite places in the US, better than any main city out there. There is something to Austin, and the city knows it, that's why their motto is "Keep Austin Weird." The city hosts through out the year some of the coolest music festivals and they celebrate some of the most random things I've heard of, like massive celebrations for the birthday of Winnie the Pooh's donkey: Eeyore. The city is really something special, besides it is absolutely beautiful. Lake Austin (I refuse to call it Lake Lady Bird) fills the city with vegetation, and sunsets turn the sky to unbelievable oranges and reds that inspire legends among Austonians that the sky becomes the color of the UT longhorns whenever they win. I've really enjoyed my time here in Austin, and I've learned the most about photography here. The city has so much to offer for creative people... Enjoy some pictures I've taken around this cool town:

butterfly installation at Neiman Marcus

art installations through out East Austin


beautiful lines

art house

   Lake Austin      


South congress ave

St. Edwards University

One day i'll graduate from there

symmetry on campus :)





                                             beautiful light                            



a secret garden on my table

the most beautiful dog park: Red Bud, is in the middle of the lake in a tiny piece of land.


lula my sister's dog                   

girl at the pool