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Morocco, The "Al Hababi" family

posted Nov 28, 2010, 8:38 PM by Beatriz Posada   [ updated May 27, 2012, 11:13 AM ]
    I spent 2 weeks living with this family that goes by Alhabibi as their last name. They are the most welcoming people, loving, completely genuine, humble.. I can't even stop describing how much living with this family change my life. I learned that happiness is relative to knowledge, and wealth and material things won't bring you closer to experiencing life to the fullest. Living with them I had to forget everything I had known as "comfort", they had no toilet, no shower (it was a tent with a bucket of water), no running water, no electricity, etc. They lived synched with nature, the cycle of the sun determined when to wake up, and when to go to sleep. Their livelihood is fully dependent on nature, animals give them food and in return they feed and care for them. The young girl that repeatedly appears holding her baby happened to be my age, and it just made me realize how people around the world experience life in completely different ways.

sharing milk with the calf and with the whole family

Osama and Fatima Zahra

Girl my age

donkey ride

getting water from the river

playing around

just like any big brother

inside of their house

inside the kitchen w grandma

Fatima was feeling a bit sick

beautiful landscapes

shower in the back, looks like a tent

grandpa at lunch

skinning a sheep

grandpa takes care of the killing since he's the eldest of the house

women help out in all aspects

removing the skin from the head to serve it with cous cous

traditional way of seating, there are no chairs

taking care of Fatima

beautiful portraits

braided intestines for dinner

getting the skewers ready

applying some "kohl" to look pretty