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Mexico, Playa del Carmen

posted Apr 30, 2012, 2:06 PM by Beatriz Posada
Playa del Carmen is probably one of the fastest growing beach towns in terms of popularity and scale. It used to be a hippie, european oriented, type of beach. Then it got discovered by national youth as a party destination, and the Americans followed. So in a sense, people say Playa has lost its "mojo" and it has become more commercialized, as it is inevitable with places that become hip all of a sudden. What used to be a more relaxed beach, became filled with new hotels and apartment buildings, but somehow Playa has still managed to keep its cool, and it is a great beach in Mexico to go relax. Its location, in between the ruins and Cancun, makes it ideal to avoid Cancun's madness, and the ruin's isolation. Enjoy some pictures I took by the beach in playa...

plane from Puebla to Cancun. there's a plane on the bottom left corner, crazy perspective.

first sunset there

composition :)

european tourist for sure

beach at playa