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Bahamas, Nassau

posted May 23, 2012, 5:55 PM by Beatriz Posada
    I am in love with the Caribbean. I had never visited this side of the world before, and what a shame because it is so close from Mexico! I hope i'll go there more often now that I know how special it is. I just can't believe how beautiful the landscapes are, and how friendly the people are. For this post I'll write about Nassau, and no, I will not mention the Atlantis Hotel or what most people visit while they are there. I am sure Atlantis is beautiful, and a lot of fun, but I think that it is a shame 99% of tourists only go see this hotel and then back to their cruises. There is so much more to Nassau than this ridiculously big resort, so I decided to go to a fish market instead and tried to see how locals really live. I took a bus there, route 1, and met a really nice man called Donald. He recommended I got down at the market with him so I could try "conch" which is the most popular catch there. Conch is a huge shell with a snail like creature inside, and it is chopped into little pieces and then just a bit of lime and salt, and you are in heaven. I had never heard of conch before this trip, but apparently it is very important there, so much so that they have conch in their national 25 cent stamp. The fish market was incredible and Donald showed me and my father a nice time around there, here are some pictures of the people I met and the places I saw, enjoy the beautiful colors!  

Mr. Leroy showing me his restaurant

great lady, amazing face

beautiful seascape :)

the working hands of a fisherman 

Meet Bruce, he prepared conch for me while it was still alive!

there's so much pink in this city

beautiful girl, huge eyes!


Donald, taking conch to go

my father exploring

sisters posing for me

great colors

a surreal picture